Refrigerating medical centrifuge RM-6000

High capacity floor mounted centrifuge RM6000 is designed to separate heterogeneous liquid systems into particles in the centrifugal force field.

The unit is specially designed for centrifugation of a large amount of blood bags or test tubes for blood transfusion stations or departments, as well as for large laboratories with a great amount of test material and adapted for working conditions in the CIS countries.

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Maximum rotational speed of the rotor, min -1 6 000
Maximum rotational speed of the bucket-rotor with a fairing, min -1 4 700
Variability of speed reference, min -1 10
The maximum separation factor, g 6 000
Maximum capacity of the bucket-rotor, ml 11 400
Temperature range in chamber, °С от -10 до +35
Temperature setpoint discreteness, °С 1
Time range of centrifugation from 1 sec to 99 min 59 sec
Maximum noise level, dB <72
Three-phase power supply voltage, V; frequency, Hz 230/400;50
Size (height x width x depth), mm 930х1040х750
Weight, kg 300


Design and advantages

Installation can be completed with various rotors and buckets:

  • bucket-rotor for 6 buckets;
  • bucket-rotor for 4 buckets;
  • fairing;
  • two-cavity bucket 1900 ml;
  • two-cavity bucket 1500 ml;
  • oval bucket 1400 ml;
  • oval bucket 1000 ml;
  • oval bucket 700 ml;
  • round bucket 1300 ml;
  • round bucket 1000 ml;
  • round bucket 700 ml;
  • angle rotor.

Bucket can be equipped with special adapters to work both with plastic and glass containers.

So with the help of a bucket-rotor with six two-cavity buckets 1900 ml it is possible to centrifuge 12 blood bags and its components of various configurations (double, triard and quad) simultaneously.

The use of special universal cassettes makes it possible to centrifuge simultaneously more than 100 test tubes up to 17 mm in diameter and 130 mm in length in a bucket-rotor for 6 buckets.

The use of the original patented rotor suspension system makes it possible to operate successfully on a centrifuge with an imbalance in diametrically opposed buckets of up to 75 grams, which does not affect the quality of the separation of the centrifuge.

Ozone-safe freon is used in the refrigerator unit. The refrigerator unit allows maintaining of the temperature in the working chamber from -10 to +35 °C.

An asynchronous motor that is installed on the centrifuge does not require any service.

Features of the control system

  • the system has 10 acceleration rates and 10 braking rates;
  • real-time clock;
  • the possibility of programming and storing 99 centrifugation programs in the non-volatile memory;
  • a log of operating hours, errors and abnormal situations;
  • flexible settings of the control system allow you to adapt the system to the requirements of a particular customer;
  • 2-level programming (for operators and engineers);
  • rotor type recognition system;
  • frequency control of the motor rotation speed;
  • high accuracy and frequence of centrifugation results due to the use of digital control;
  • in agreement with the customer, the centrifuge can be equipped with a system for reading bar codes of gemacons with subsequent transfer of data to the computer via a local network.

Block system and protection

  • from exceeding the set speed of rotation;
  • from the opening of the lid with the rotating rotor;
  • from starting the rotor with the lid open;
  • from the operation of the rotor with an imbalance above the maximum permissible;
  • from switching on with the defective refrigerating unit.

Abnormal situations and operator errors are displayed on the screen in the Russian language and stored in non-volatile memory of the processor for at least 10 years.


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